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About Namibia Central Pathology

Namibia Central Pathology (NCP) is a well-established Private Medical Laboratory, providing Pathology services to general practitioners, specialists, private hospitals, Nursing homes, Insurances companies, Clinical trial research groups and various institutions in Namibia. The main laboratory is located at Unit 6, Wecke Office Palace, Corner of Wecke & Post Street, Windhoek CBD. Our services are well accessible as we have more than 10 collection sites around Windhoek and surrounding towns.

We are a wholly Namibian owned Medical Laboratory that is run by a dedicated team of competent Medical Scientists, Pathologists and Technologists to offer comprehensive Pathology Services. Namibia Central Pathology guarantees that all tests are performed by highly qualified personnel.  Our staff is well trained and continues ongoing education in the latest procedures and techniques in the laboratory industry; and are all certified by the Health Professional Council of Namibia (HPCNA).

Through our widespread presence, strong teamwork and systems, outstanding human resources and genuine commitment to patient care and excellence in service, our clients are able to benefit from the continual world class services, at an affordable cost and within the shortest period of time. Our facility is equipped with the most sophisticated medical technologies available in the market today, enabling us to provide quality, accessible and value-for-money services
Vision We aspire to be the most efficient and effective Private Pathology provider in Namibia.
Mission To provide affordable, high quality, and timely Pathology services at all times.
Values • Commitment to Service Excellence
To render our services with unsurpassed excellence at all times.
• Demonstrate Responsibility and Accountability
To set good examples, and to take ownership of each situation to the best of our ability.
• Enthusiasm about Continuous Improvement
To never be complacent, to recognize limitations and find joy in Continuous improvements.
• Maintain Confidentiality
To keep all information pertaining to patients, and professional strict confidence.
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